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Fountainhead Communications - Our core belief
Our core belief  
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In Fountainhead, we have been using sound market analytics – coupled with compelling creatives - to consistently deliver results for our brands, with uncanny certainty.

How do we do this?

By use of superior & rigorous Marketing Analytics, both pre & post every brand initiative.

Marketing metrics scope
Marketing Analytics - Deriving True Market Potential

Quite often, marketers have discovered to their chagrin that classical definitions of 'core target' and 'key markets' for any category are defined more by existing marketers' competencies - or lack of it - than actual consumer needs. In many of the projects we worked on, just reversing the process - and building the demand structure ground-up - revealed untapped market needs that could be uniquely addressed by a small tweaking of the original offering.
How do we build this up? By using ground-level demographic and behavioral data that is matched with broad socio-cultural patterns, to identify latent consuming segments/markets, thereby revealing a brand's true market potential.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Metrics - Tools

  • Syndicated Retail Audits - Category
  • Syndicated U&A studies
  • Independent Qualitative Research or Consumer Panel
  • Shop Observation
  • Advertising & Promotion Tracking

To know more about how we can make market metrics work for you, avail the list of services on this site or mail us at .

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