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Fountainhead Communications - FMCG - Milestones

Delivering with Certainty over the years

1989 1989

Seven passionate professionals start Fountainhead

1990 1990

Evolved an emotional dimension on the strength proposition for Ramco cement, which went against the convention of depicting 'physical' metaphors - a first for the category.

1991 1991

Long before Internal Branding became fashionable, we challenged prevailing wisdom to release, for the first time in the country, a Recruitment Ad in the main pages of a Daily - the Ramco Systems Ad in the Hindu main pages.

1993 1993

Citibank PropShop account won over 10 competing agencies on the strong conceptual platform of crunching decision-making time - a proposition retained by the brand for the next 8 years. PropShop showcased as a benchmark in innovative marketing within Citibank, internationally.

1994 1994
Ramco Systems becomes the largest recruiter at all the IIMs - a remarkable feat then for an IT company, thanks largely to innovative corporate-cum-recruitment advertising.
1995 1995

Handholding of pre-press houses & publications to facilitate online despatch of material for the first time in India.

1996 1996

The first Ad Agency to start a BTL operation (Eventus), at a time when BTL was unheard of.

1997 1997

Nyle Herbal Shampoo, launched & nurtured by Fountainhead, becomes the third-largest shampoo brand in the country. (as per ORG Retail Audit)

1998 1998

Aircel Cellular redefines cellular marketing by taking cellphony to the masses, projecting it as a utility tool rather than a status symbol, unlike the convention at that time.

1999 1999

Fairever storms the HLL's Fair & Lovely bastion, generating 13% MS after just two years of launch, to become the second largest fairness cream brand in the country. (as per ORG Retail Audit)

2000 2000

Cleverly using International benchmarks, Ramco Super Grade cement campaign heralded the acceptance of blended cements in the country.

2001 2001

Dishnet DSL sales skyrocket almost overnight from the time the account moved to Fountainhead, from a mere 100 connections a month to 800 - by driving-up the 'experiential' quotient of broadband.

2002 2002

Ramco Super Steel cement campaign dramatically elevated the value perception of a slag-cement brand at par with premium OPC brands.

2003 2003

After six months on the account, the Medimix brand registers the highest growth amongst all brands in the country. (as per ORG Retail Audit)

2004 2004

Aircel & Dishnet brands sold at huge market premium, endorsement of the stupendous brand value created by us.

2005 2005

Eastern Masala becomes the second-largest selling spice brand in the country. (as per ORG Retail Audit)

2006 2006

Lancor Properties Central Park advertising drives up residential property values in the 'IT corridor' in Chennai.

2007 2007

Ramco Hilux, the calcium silicate board launched just two years ago, enters the Top Five in the Specifier's List in all four metros.

2008 2008

The revamped website for Ramco OnDemand ERP - with a unique Savings Calculator & several interactive features - acknowledged by IT services industry as the most engaging/value-adding website, internationally.

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